INTERCITY - shopping center of european type opened in Lviv
On the 13-th of December Lviv Commercial and business center «InterCITY» invited the first customers. It is the first commercial and business center which was built on a unique format principle in Lviv city. It is very convenient that all products are divided according to the customers needs. Each group of goods is situated on a separate floor. The ground floor took jewelry, fashion jewelry, shop elite gifts, optics and the bank. The first floor will sell goods youth sports direction. The outlets of clothing and footwear, consumers will find on the second floor. Third floor - a home-use products, such as dishes and furniture. Such principle of goods location is used Europe for years, but for Lviv city it's - new.
Opening of Commercial and Office Center INTERCITY in Lviv
Address: Lviv, Chornovil Avenue, 67-g
More information about all events and actions during the opening we will acquaint you soon.


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